Top 10 Sleep Health Trends of 2019

Sleep Health – Poor sleep health affects at least 25% of adults in the US alone.


In fact, the number of people suffering from low sleep quality has increased over the past 30 years and continues to grow. 

Lifestyle choices that lead to insufficient sleep can increase your risks of developing other health problems as well as sleep disorders including sleep deprivation, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and obstructive sleep apnea.

While policymakers and sleep specialists strive to study effective strategies and medicine in improving sleep habits, the fast-paced lifestyle of tight work schedules also maintains its hold on the working population. Fortunately, there have been innovations in sleep technology that are specifically designed to cater to sleep-deprived patients. Let’s look at the top 10 sleep health trends of 2019.

What Is Sleep Health

What Is Sleep Health?

Sleep health, according to the World Health Organization, is a state of well-being where a person is mentally, physically, and socially functional due to a healthy and regular circadian rhythm. Quality sleep is vital in attaining sleep health because it is responsible for a person’s general health and well-being. That means your hours of sleep matter, as well as how comfortably you fall asleep, how rejuvenated you are when you wake up, and your ability to stay awake without intermittent sleepiness during the day.

Why Is Sleep Health Important

Why Is Sleep Health Important?

Sleep is a basic requirement of the human body since infancy. It affects neurological, endocrine, and metabolic functions of the body that are critical in maintaining the brain’s mental health. A good night’s sleep can help you fight infection, maintain metabolism, improve productivity, and enhance your memory and concentration. However, if you constantly experience sleep deprivation, you increase your risks for developing mental diseases, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, heart attack, and even sudden death.

Sleep Health Trends

Top Sleep Health Trends

#10 - The S+

The S+ is an in-home device created by SleepScore Labs, a joint venture of ResMed and Dr. Oz. It measures your heart rate, breathing, and movements accurately without the need for body contact. In addition, the device also oversees your sleep environment and provides constructive advice according to your previous night’s sleep. The S+ is perfect for people who are always on-the-go but at the same time conscious about their health and sleeping habits.

#9 - Sleep Time Alarm Clock

The Sleep Time Alarm Clock is an award-winning mobile app that works as both an alarm clock and sleep pattern monitor. Using the motion and orientation sensor of your iPhone, it records your sleep movements in bed and analyzes your sleep cycle so the app can wake you up at the ideal sleep phase where your body and brain is well-rested. The app developer called Azumio creates the app.

#8 - Recovery Sleepwear by UnderArmour

The Recovery Sleep was designed and created by UnderArmour with the help of American football quarterback Tom Brady. Its most significant feature is its soft bioceramic print inside the textile called Far Infrared. According to a study, the Far Infrared helps absorb the body’s heat as well as increase recovery time, regulates metabolism, reduces inflammation, and promotes good sleep. A sleep study has proven the Recovery Sleepwear works on insomniacs.

#7 - Healthy Sleep While Traveling

Short sleep duration, it seems, will always be connected to traveling. Fortunately, more and more airports and airlines are now developing on-site sleeping options for passengers who want to catch up on poor sleep. Various sleeping pods and rental bedrooms for pediatric sleep already present in many international airports, including Amsterdam and Dubai. There are also mobile apps available that combat jet lag and daytime lethargy while traveling.

#6 - Sleep Coach

A sleep coach is a personal trainer who can encourage you to improve your sleep through diet, relaxation techniques, and practicing good sleeping habits. Unlike medicine specialists, a sleep coach does not prescribe sleep medicine, but he can refer a client to a sleep center for a proper diagnosis of an underlying sleep disorder. People usually resort to sleep coaches when sleep medicines and studies fail to work.

#5 - Smart Sleep Tracker

A smart sleep tracker is a small device that can accurately monitor your sleeping habits including total hours of sleep, sleep movements, and your sleep latency. Some also measures your breathing, monitors your heart, and calculates how long you spent in REM sleep. A sleep tracker connects to your mobile device and other smart home devices through wifi or bluetooth.

#4 - Sleep Robot

The Sleep Robot is the world’s first sleep robot developed by Dutch startup Somnox based on the psychological effects of physical contact. It is 4lbs in weight and shaped like a bean which allows users to hug it to sleep like a teddy bear. The Sleep Robot helps patients fall asleep by using soothing audio, breathing regulation, and the affection you get from hugging. It senses when you’ve fallen asleep and shuts off on its own.

#3 - Sleep Retreat

A sleep retreat is a trip that helps patients enhance their sleep through relaxation techniques, natural therapies, and lifestyle changes. It’s a vacation to a sleep-enhancing location where you get to talk to sleep experts who can help you address and solve your sleep problems. The program also includes therapies that help restore the body’s natural circadian rhythm, as well as a range of holistic treatments that can suit patients with sleep apnea or heart disease.

#2 - Sleep Scents

Sleep scents or aromatherapy is a powerful sleeping tool that is recognized by the National Sleep Foundation. It is general knowledge that scents can trigger an emotion, a place, and a memory – it can also affect your nervous system. Sleep scents do not just create a sleep-inducing environment; it also improves mental health as well as decreases your risks of sleep problems such as apnea. According to the National Sleep Foundation, aromatherapy is also effective for concentration, anxiety, allergies, and a myriad of other health issues.

#1 - Clean Sleeping

Clean sleeping does not function on fancy technology or national sleep medicine. It simply means acquiring the ideal amount of sleep time every night without distraction or interruption. While this is not new advice, it’s definitely the easiest and most effective sleep health trend of all time. With enough sleep, you get to age gracefully and enjoy your years being mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy – all without spending tons of money on expensive sleep gadgets, sleep foundation medicines or luxurious retreats.