Why The DreamCloud Adjustable Frame is The Bed Frame Of The Future

When I bought an adjustable frame from DreamCloud, I have to admit that I expected a lot. I work as a graphic designer, and I love tech. I was tired of having a bed that felt like what they slept on in the 1800’s and felt it time for an upgrade to match the other “smart home” gadgets in my room. The Nectar Adjustable Frame has a sleek design and build, with tech features like USB ports, total customizability, massage and anti-snore settings win me over every single night.

Painless Installation

I got the queen size frame to fit my mattress and chose the White Glove Service to deliver it right to my bedroom. I was worried that without them I would be stuck nailing stuff together and figuring out electronics. This couldn’t be further from the truth since it was an easy installation process that only took the White Glove people about 10 minutes. In retrospect, I could’ve hacked it myself, IKEA-style, in less than an hour following the clear instructions that came with pictures. Call me lazy, but I was still happy to have someone else do it.

Zero-G Rest

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I read that this frame came with a setting that astronauts used in space for better sleep and circulation. But after sleeping on the Zero Gravity setting, I’ll admit it actually made my body feel great. I lead an active life, and always figured that aches were just part of the deal as I age. Now? Well, I realized most of my problems were actually just from the weird position I used to sleep in. With the new setting, the decreased pressure on my joints and increased circulation has made my sleep instantly more refreshing. I can’t vouch for how this frame would work in space, but I can say that it does wonders when you’re here on planet Earth.

Smart Features

I’ve worked as a graphic designer long enough to know so many products claim to be “smart” but don’t end up that helpful in real life. Not the case here. This is truly a smart bed: it has a memory control function to pre-program my favorite settings. I like to use my tablet in bed, but I often need to fall asleep at a different angle. Just a touch of the button and I can go from reading to sleeping, with nothing to disrupt that process. The frame also comes with two backlit USB ports so I can make sure my phone and tablet are both fully charged when I wake up and head to work.

Remote Controlled Sleep

The frame is so well designed that even the remote itself is “smart.” It’s got backlit buttons that make it easy to use in the dark without being jarring to your eyes. It even has a flashlight feature like my smartphone. The remote lets you adjust the frame to your exact liking: the frame is built in three sections, which allows me to adjust height and comfortability until I find what’s right for me. I’m a side sleeper and have a bit of sleep apnea, so it was nice to have a bed that actually takes position and elevation into account (the anti-snore setting is great for that).

Start sleeping like a king (or queen!) and upgrade to DreamCloud’s Adjustable Frame today. Don’t worry: it’s compatible with any mattress — and with 100-night trial, three-year warranty and free shipping and returns, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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