Why do People Snore?

There’s a reason that some people call it “sawing logs.”

If you’re a snorer, that phrase can ring just a little too true. Why do people snore? What can we do about it?  The medical answer is that snoring is caused by vibrating tissue. This can be in the nose or in the throat. The vibrations that cause snoring are attributed to turbulent or restricted airflow are attributed to many different sources.

So what are the lifestyle reasons for why do people snore? It can be affected by what stage of sleep you’re in. People who aren’t getting fully into their REM cycle (the deepest part of sleep) often experience snoring. Additionally, the sleeping position can play a large role. While it is the most healthy position, sleeping on your back can often lead to snoring. This is because as your mouth opens, it restricts airflow and causes the vibrations to occur.

There’s also the possibility that medications or alcohol can contribute to snoring difficulties. Alcohol especially can relax the muscles around the throat and nasal passages, making snoring a more likely occurrence than if you don’t drink before bed.  Weight gain can be another factor, and one that is the most likely to lead to sleep apnea. If you are worried about your health, it’s best to consult a physician, but weight loss could lead to great results.

The varying reasons for why do people snore are best diagnosed individually by a medical professional, so if you feel like it impacts your waking hours (or the hours of the ones you love), get diagnosed today and find relief.

Happy sleeping!

Sleep Authority by Resident