Why Chiropractors Love the Level Sleep Mattress

Too much or too little support from a mattress can put pressure on your neck and spine, often resulting in shoulder and neck pain. Why is The Level Sleep mattress the most recommended mattress by doctors? It is chiropractors’ go-to recommendation for promoting back health and preventing aches and pain, based on clinical sleep trials by Dr. Clete Kushida, medical director of the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center, and director of the Stanford Center for Human Sleep Research.

Clinically Tested and Shown to Alleviate Pain

Level Sleep commissioned Dr. Kushida to perform a double-blind test of 30 sleepers to see how the Level Sleep mattress stacked up to participants’ current mattresses. Level Sleep’s TriSupport System led to a 56% reduction in pain over those sleeper’s old mattress. This is because it promotes a more even distribution of pressure across the pelvis, lumbar, and thoracic regions — problem areas that chiropractors often treat. The results were better sleep, reduced morning stiffness and pain, and even a reduction in the amount of tossing and turning that occurred at night, leading to a more restful and even sleep.

Recommended by Leading Chiropractors and Performance Athletes

“Level Sleep with TriSupport is the only mattress I’ve found that reduces the buildup of pressure that leads to tossing and turning, which causes sleep fragmentation. That’s why I sleep on one,” says Dr. Nick Athens, a chiropractor who treats many players on the San Francisco 49ers. “Our bodies need at least seven hours per night to rejuvenate. And no one knows that better that the people behind Level Sleep, who are focused on designing products that enhance restful sleep so that you can perform your best on the job, at the gym, on the field — anywhere.”

No Tossing And Turning For Dr. Robert Adams

“I think anyone who has a back would benefit from the experience on this bed,” says Dr. Robert Adams, a chiropractor and owner of Adams Chiropractic Neurology Group in Sonoma, California. “The innovations of the multiple foam consistencies and the densities is a brilliant concept. It recognizes the uniqueness of our body composition.”

The TriSupport Design Makes Level Sleep a Winner with New Life Chiropractic

Chiropractors love the Level Sleep mattress because of how it uniquely fights shoulder pain, back pain, and helps prevent tossing and turning. Dr. Tim Smith of New Life Chiropractic says that it’s the unique design of a Level Sleep Mattress that sold him, but it was the breathable foam that put him over the top.

“There’s an even distribution [with Level] throughout the entire spine to get a good restful sleep,” says Dr. Smith of New Life Chiropractic. “And this is a breathable material so you’re not going to get hot, you’re going to get more oxygen into your cells and your tissues so you get a much better, healthier night’s sleep.”

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