Why Can’t I Sleep

There’s a question that people have been asking themselves since the dawn of time.

Why can’t I sleep?

While we can’t specifically answer that question for you, here are a number of reasons that you might not be able to fall asleep, and what you might do to change your lot in life. So if you’re up at an ungodly hour, reading this post and thinking, why can’t I sleep? Read up and know that you aren’t alone.

It could be your diet.

Try not to eat anything at least an hour before bed. That means that midnight snacks are a big no-no. They can cause indigestion, acid reflux, and other biological processes that are the enemy of sleep. If you’re eating a lot before you lie down, try not to the next time you need to go to bed — you might be surprised at the different.

It could be your phone. 

If you’re reading this because you typed, “Why can’t I sleep?” into your cell phone, then know that this could be contributing to your problem. Phones are a huge source of blue light, a type of UV light that is known to keep the body from going into sleep mode. Try turning off your electronics and see if you feel a difference.

It could be your mattress.

If you don’t have a good mattress, it may prevent you from falling asleep easily due to back pain. If you feel like your mattress is slowing you down, it may be time to try a new one — it could be the difference between a night of restful sleep and another night of surfing the net, searching desperately for the answer to, “Why Can’t I sleep?”