The Nectar Sleep UK Mattress – A Luxury Mattress at a Fair Price

The Nectar UK is a premium memory foam mattress that sleeps great but doesn’t come with the usual price tag you see in this quality of bed — especially one with a lifetime warranty and extended sleep trial period.

Here’s a Nectar mattress review that doesn’t skimp on what you need to know about high-density foam, gel memory, and getting a good night’s rest on a comfortable mattress.

This is a mattress built to last, with an impressive array of features that combine to form a bed that’s going to give you peaceful, comfortable, and (most importantly) a restful night’s sleep.

We dig in deep for this sleep trial and Nectar mattress review to show you the features behind what makes this mattress different from your average online mattress.

4 Layers of Smart Sleep to Get You Sleeping No Matter What

Nectar UK is a perfect example of form and function working together to create a comfortable mattress greater than the sum of its parts. This mattress uses four separate layers to ensure that you’re not only supported in your sleep but also are able to drift off into a sweet, serene sleep every single night — hence the lifetime warranty and extended sleep trial.

Real-Time Adaptive Cooling Cover

Nectar UK’s Adaptive cooling cover layer represents a huge step forward in temperature change technology. This mattress responds to temperature changes, ensuring that your sleeping is cool and dry, all night long. This is made possible by incorporating a temperature sensitive polymer that evaporates moisture the warmer it gets. That’s the difference that is immediately felt with Nectar sleep.

The Nectar Smart Layer

Another way that the Nectar UK mattress regulates temperature is to use a smart foam layer to dissipate heat and moisture. It’s 30 times more breathable than other memory foams and has been engineered for a totally unique sleeping experience. That’s the power of gel foam — contouring. It’s fourth generation tech that has been perfected to make sure that you’re getting temperature comfort without sacrificing support and pressure relief. That’s good no matter how you’re sleeping position sorts out, so stomach sleepers rejoice!

Pressure Relieving Memory Foam

While gel memory foams aren’t necessarily new, the Nectar UK’s pressure relief memory foam layer will exceed your expectations for pressure relief by providing comfort and contouring to where your body craves it. It’s specifically engineered for pressure relief by absorbing energy and contouring around your body, whether you’re one of those stomach sleepers or just want a bed with the edge support and firmness to give a good night’s sleep. That’s the beauty of a firm

7-Zone Supported Base Layer

Every house must be built on a solid foundation, and every gel memory foam mattress must have a supportive base layer. This keeps the mattress in place on the bed frame so it doesn’t move around on your box spring. It’s sturdy, incredibly durable, and fire retardant — making it a safe and sound foundation to start a perfect night’s sleep.

More to Love, The Nectar UK is Taller Than the Competition

Taller isn’t always better, but when it comes to mattresses, more height one often means that you’re getting more for your money. In that way, the Nectar UK comes out well across the board, in every sleep trial it’s got the heft that matters. At 25 cm thick, it’s taller than the competition, making it great for pressure relief without feeling too bulky. That’s good news for your bed frame too. This also translates to a great night’s sleep that helps to support your back and body, (especially if you’re one of the many stomach sleepers in the world) leaving you refreshed and with a well-rested feeling that will carry over into your day. This was a big part of the sleep trial — how you’ll feel away from the mattress.

This means pressure relief thanks to a foam mattress made with four separate layers. From the base layer on up, Nectar offers edge support, firmness, and comfort that is unparalleled. That’s a foam mattress built with its feel in mind, which should be the mattress industry standard, but unfortunately gets lost in the shuffle.

A Mattress That Matters to You and to the Environment

No Nectar mattress review would be complete without talking about the safety and emissions testing that Nectar offers — peerless even among other high-quality mattress purveyors. Not only is Nectar UK CertiPUR+ certified, meaning that its foams have passed every safety and emissions testing, its mattress and mattress cover have also been classified as carbon neutral. That means you can feel good that your comfortable bed is made from an eco-friendly material that’s doing its part against climate change. What’s good for your sleep is also good for the environment. Nectar UK mattresses uphold all UK fire regulations with their foam while still upholding their firmness and creating superior edge support, so you can purchase a bed for your family knowing that this mattress is safe, reliable, and meets all standards and regulations.

Two Free Pillows With Every Mattress

Perhaps one of the most intriguing parts of getting a Nectar mattress is that you also receive two free pillows with your bed. While most mattress companies have looked to pair-down deals, Nectar offers two free comfortable memory pillows along with a high-quality mattress. Like the mattresses, these pillows are made with gel-infused memory foam to give you a pillow that has a feel with just the right firmness and cooling — just like a great bed. For those not content with the feel and firmness of their pillows or their foam mattresses, a Nectar sleep pillow matches its bigger brother with a comfort still unmatched by other mattress companies and has great firmness and cooling without being too firm — or losing its feel through an extended sleep trial.

Comfort and Cooling All Night Long

These Nectar bed and pillows have just the right engineering for cooling to keep you in comfort all night long. We don’t just mean the high-density foam or the gel-infused memory foam, but also a quilted Tencel mattress cover helped wick heat and regulate cooling in a sleep trial. This Tencel quilted cover works to provide a supremely comfortable feel. Tencel is a sustainably sourced material that offers great temperature control, which is why Nectar decided on it for their quilted cover during sleep trial. Tencel is the future, and Tencel what it means to have quilted Nectar sleep.

Simply put, this is the best sleep mattress you’re going to find for the money, hands down — no matter what kind of bed you like. They offer a year-long sleep trial. Not only that, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Start your Nectar sleep trial today and feel the difference in a night, in a month, and for the rest of your life. That’s the power of a lifetime warranty. You’re never going to believe you slept on anything else, so comfortable and perfect. Finally, someone has engineered the perfect night’s sleep — isn’t it great we all get to feel it, sleep, and reap the benefits?

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