How to Clean a Mattress

Why you need to clean a mattress?

You’ve heard it time and time again, but it needs to be said one more time because it’s that outstanding. We spend an entire THIRD of our lives on our mattresses. Think about it. 8 hours of the night (and let’s be honest, on the weekends it’s more like 10…) are spent between our sheets, which is a third of our whole day, adding up to be a third of our lives. Yes, you probably wash your sheets and bed covers often, but is it enough? Probably not. explains that “According to The Sleep Council, the average adult loses 285ml of fluid each night. We also shed around 454g of dead skin over the course of a year, much of which ends up nestled in your bed.” They also explain that the average bed has over 10,000 dust mites and these mites produce more than two million droppings, which may be a nightmare for your allergies. Yikes.

How often should you clean a mattress?

Mattress cleaning should be done at least every six months, but this also depends on the amount of soil level your mattress has and whether or not you use a mattress protector. If you don’t use a mattress protector, your mattress may be subject to more dirt and soil levels from daily wear and tear.

Those who have an active sex life should also consider cleaning their mattress more often, because bodily fluids from sex may penetrate through sheets and mattress toppers. Learning how to spot clean a mattress can go a long way after sexy times, as well as learning how to wash pillows.

If you have young kids, mattress cleaning gets much more interesting. It may be in your best interest to learn how to disinfect a mattress and how to clean urine from mattresses. Read on to learn more about how to clean dried urine from mattresses, how to remove blood stains from mattresses, and how to deodorize a mattress.

How To Clean Your Mattress

Now, hopefully, you know why mattress cleaning is important for your health, wellbeing, and life of your mattress, which means that it’s time to learn how to clean your mattress. Learning how to clean your mattress is not as difficult as you may think, and to help you out we broke it down into the following easy steps:

  1. Remove pillows and decorations from the bed

Take off all of those decorative pillows and embarrassing stuffed animals you’ve had since you were a kid and set them aside for now. You may be wondering how to wash pillows as well, and many of the following steps may be used for pillows.

  1. Strip the linens

Take off the top sheet, fitted sheet, and any removable mattress topper or mattress pad. Mattress cleaning requires complete access to your mattress minus any toppers or sheets.

  1. Wash your bedding and linens

The best way to clean a mattress also involves ensuring that you are keeping your linens clean as well. Funky sheets means funky stains and grime underneath, so clean your sheets while you’re at it.

  1. Vacuum it

The next step in the mattress cleaning process is similar to washing a carpet. vacuuming your bed first will help to remove all of the larger pieces of debris and dust that is present on your mattress. This can also help pick up some dust that may have built up.

  1. Address fresh spills

The sooner you address stains, the easier they will be to remove and you can hopefully avoid permanently staining your mattress. Use an absorbent cloth, paper towel, or sponge to soak up what has been spilled.

  1. Spot clean stains

Next, do some spot cleaning for stains. If it is some sort of food, makeup, or another liquid stain, you’ll want to use a cleaning solution to try to lift the stains out. Make sure to read the labels on your mattress for any cleaning directions you should be aware of, and always test out cleaning supplies on a small corner of your mattress before using it on a large surface. Do this to avoid potentially damaging your mattress.

  1. Clean biological stains with the enzyme cleaner

To remove stains from bodily fluids, especially urine, enzyme cleaners may be some of the most effective. These are made specifically to digest uric acid crystals from urine, which is the source of the odor, and can help lift stains out to get your mattress back to it’s once sparkly self.

  1. Deodorize with baking soda

Baking soda is a beautiful thing. Did you know that you can clean your mattress with baking soda? Not only can it can clean your teeth, it can make your fridge smelling neutral, and it can also deodorize your bed from any sort of spills. It’s basically your new best friend.

  1. Flip it and repeat steps 1-8

Time to flip it on over, and repeat the cleaning steps for the other side of your mattress. To truly keep it in a decent condition, you need to take care of the entire mattress, and not just the side you sleep on.

  1. Let the mattress air out

After you’ve started to wet down parts of your mattress to clean it, deodorize it, and remove some of the stains, it needs to air out. Give it at least 24 hours to dry completely. Setting up fans in your room isn’t a bad idea, and for spot drying try using a hairdryer.

  1. Apply a mattress protector

If you don’t currently have a mattress protector, it may be time to invest. It will make mattress cleaning a much simpler process. The Nectar Protector has stellar reviews and is a good place to start.

  1. Make the bed

Lastly, make your bed! Enjoy the fruits of your labor and rest easy knowing that your bed is beautifully clean.

How to remove mattress stains?

For common stains such as food or coffee, you can clean your mattress with baking soda. Add some baking soda to cold water and let it soak for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes is up, dab the stain with clean water, and let dry. If this doesn’t work and the stain is still present, try diluting some hand soap in water and then gently dab the stain with a cloth, sponge, or even a fine-bristled brush. If the stain still does not lift, an upholstery cleaner may help, but, as always, read the labels before you use any chemicals as well as the label of your mattress to mitigate risk of ruin.

How to get blood stains out of a mattress?

Learning how to get stains out of a mattress can be an extremely helpful skill, especially if you, your partner, or your children are prone to accidents. If you’re wondering how to remove blood stains from mattresses, you’re among company. Blood stains can be some of the most difficult stains to get out because blood is thick and it’s color can be deep or bright, both of which do not bode well for stain removal attempts. That said, how to remove blood stains from mattresses may actually be easier than you think. It’s really just a matter of knowing the right materials and jumping on stains sooner rather than later.

Learning how to clean a mattress with blood stains really isn’t too difficult. First, wet the stain with cold water. Next, take a sponge, cloth, or bristle brush to the stain and attempt to work it out. If this doesn’t work, try to clean the mattress with baking soda. Add some baking soda to water and leave on the stain for 30-45 minutes. Come back to it with clean water and a fresh cloth, and attempt to rub it out. Repeat up to one or two more times.

How to get urine out of a mattress?

Cleaning urine from a mattress may actually be a bit more complex than learning how to remove blood stains from mattresses, because with urine there tends to be more of a distinct smell. To start, dilute hand soap with water and gently dab the stains. When researching how to clean a mattress with urine stains, it’s important to remember that mattresses aren’t waterproof (but some mattress protectors are). These means that you’ve got to go slowly, and gently. You don’t want to completely soak your mattress with cleaning solution, because you may end up doing more harm than good.

Learning how to clean dried urine from mattresses may be even more difficult. If the stain doesn’t lift with the above method, you may want to use the aforementioned enzyme cleaner, or an upholstery cleaner. When using mattress cleaners of any type, make sure to read the labels on the bottle as well as the cleaning directions on your mattresses label to make sure you won’t damage your mattress.

How to stop your mattress from smelling?

If you want to know how to get smells out of mattresses, look no further than your trusty friend, baking soda. To deodorize mattresses, baking soda may truly be your best bet. Similar to using baking soda in your fridge, you can clean a mattress with baking soda to help lift out some of the smell. Knowing how to freshen a mattress in this way will make it much more enjoyable to sleep on because nobody wants to sleep on something smelly and dirty. That sounds like the opposite of a relaxing night.

The best way to clean a mattress with baking soda is to sprinkle it over the entire surface of your mattress. If you’ve already done some mattress cleaning for spots as mentioned above and your mattress is still a bit wet, this is okay. Still sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface of your mattress and let it dry out for as long as possible (24 hours ideally).

Speaking of airing out your mattress, another reason you might need to deodorize mattresses is because they haven’t been properly aired out. The best way to clean a mattress is to clean it completely, and then let it dry out for as long as it needs, usually 24-48 hours. This may be the largest hassel for some households because this means that you won’t be able to sleep on your bed for one to two nights, but it just allows the opportunity for a weekend getaway.

How to Clean a Mattress FAQ:

Knowing how to clean mattress stains, whether you want to know how to clean urine from mattresses or how to remove blood stains from mattresses, is generally just a matter of knowing what kind of stain you are dealing with, and reading the label of your mattress to make sure you don’t damage the mattress with certain chemicals. In general, stains can come out with cold water and blotting with rags or sponges. Baking soda or mild hand soap is the next best step for stubborn stains. If these mattress cleaning techniques aren’t working, you may need to resort to a chemical mattress cleaner.
Many wonder how to clean urine from a mattress or how to clean dried urine from mattresses, and it’s pretty simple. You can clean mattresses with baking soda mixed with water or diluted hand soap, but these methods don’t always work to deodorize mattresses. The best way to clean a mattress that has urine on it and gets rid of the smell is using an enzyme cleaner made specifically for dissolving uric crystals.
12 to 24 hours is a decent time on average to let baking soda sit on your bed, but it can stay longer if you need to deodorize the mattress more.
How to clean urine from mattresses is similar to how to clean dried urine from mattresses. As mentioned above, using cold water with a cloth may work perfectly fine, but sometimes, especially for dried urine, an enzyme cleaner may be needed.
The best way to deodorize mattresses is by cleaning them consistently (at least every 6 months) as well as giving them the proper amount of time to air out after cleaning. Mattress cleaner may also be a good option to give your mattress a light, freshly cleaned scent.
When you’re learning how to clean a mattress you’ll find that it’s best to use gentle mattress cleaners, baking soda, or gentle hand soap.
Memory foam mattresses may get mold if they aren’t given the proper air circulation. This is why it’s best to keep memory foam mattresses on a raised bed frame so there is less of a chance for mold build up.
Learning how to freshen a mattress is easy. Spot cleaning is important, especially if you notice a stain right away. Otherwise baking soda will do an excellent job of lifting odors and freshening your mattress.
A mattress will dry on it’s own in 24-48 hours if only a light amount of water or mattress cleaner was used. Speed up the process by setting fans up around the mattress or open the windows to let in a breeze.


Learning how to clean a mattress is really just a few simple steps towards a cleaner, healthier sleep. Whether you’re looking to deodorize mattresses, or simply how to clean a bed, this guide was made with your ultimate comfort and best night of sleep in mind.


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