How Long Can You Go Without Sleep

Sometimes we lay awake at night, unable to find the rejuvenating sleep that fuels our waking hours.

It can feel like one night of missed sleep can totally throw your day out of whack, but how long can you go without sleep?

The answer is both not very long, and surprisingly long, depending on what you’re OK to deal with in terms of side effects. So how long can you go without sleep and still remain at a peak mental state? That answer is not even one night. Sleep is vitally component to tons of bodily processes that are there to refresh and rejuvenate you.

If you short change those processes, you risk the lack of their benefit during your waking hours. Every hour missed after twenty four hours can contribute to lack of motor function, cognitive processes, and disseminating information. Anyone who has tried to work or go to school after a long night of being awake has experienced these drowsy side effects.

As far as how long can you go without sleep before real lasting side effects take place? The answer on that is one that scientists are still grappling with. J. Christian Gillin, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California studies sleep and mood disorders. They posit that humans can stay awake for up to eleven days straight without lasting serious medical, neurological, or psychiatric problems.

That being said, they did have significant problems with concentration, motivation, perception, and other mental processes. Instead of trying to stay awake, try looking at some easy sleep solutions. Sleep is a vital part of our short term and long term health, and it’s important to not mess with it too much.

Take care of yourself and sleep.

Sleep Authority by Resident