Why Choosing a Good Bed for Sex is Important

Perhaps, you never thought about it, but your bed is where you most often explore your sexual appetites. You might not realize it, but your mattress can actually have an effect on your sex life – negative and positive, which is why it is important to think about the best mattress for sex.

Why not give yourself the extra boost by checking out our sex education manual just for mattress styles and get answers to questions such as “what is the best bed for sex?”, “what is the importance of a sturdy bed frame for active couples?”, “what is the importance of the quietest bed frames?”, and more.

Just like your mattress affects your quality of sleep, so does your mattress impact your sex life. This resource will help you understand what factors and design elements have the biggest influence on how well a mattress facilitates sexual activity, including what to consider when choosing the best bed frame for sexually active couples.

At the same time, choosing the best mattress for sex shouldn’t come at the expense of one that provides a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. For this reason, we’ll help make sure you’re choosing a bed that will be the best bed for sex and for sleep and works for you.

Mattresses and Sex

Mattresses and Sex: Key Factors

Bounciness – The best mattress for sex will have a bouncing effect – as opposed to being motion absorbing. The extra bounce helps in changing positions effortlessly while at the same time providing support. Most people say that a mattress bounce can help them get into a rhythm for many sexual positions and thus increase enjoyment.

Anyone engaging in anything sexual or bedtime activity that feels energetic will want to avoid those kinds of mattresses that make you feel like you are sinking into it. Some memory foam mattresses do have some sinkage possibility and may make sex on the bed more difficult.

Comfort – The best mattress for sex in terms of comfort if you’re having sex on the bed, is one that puts minimal pressure on knees, elbows, buttocks, etc. and does not restrict movement resulting in strained muscles. You don’t want a mattress that is too soft because it’s going to give you the sunken feeling especially when you and your partner are in the same spot.

It can also be uncomfortable for certain positions where you are balancing your weight on your knees (missionary) or wrists/hands (doggy) because they will sink in and cause imbalance. A hard or a very firm mattress, on the other hand, will almost cause a blunted affect because it will absorb the impact of your rhythm making it very unpleasant and out of sync for both partners. The overall comfort of your mattress is dictated by the comfort layer, which is the topmost part of the mattress that most directly supports the person on the bed.

If a comfort layer is very thin (2 inches or less) or is made with low-density foam (3.5 PCF or less for most foams), then you should question whether it will be able to offer adequate support. A mattress with a thin comfort layer is less likely to be the best mattress for sex. Now, that’s a bummer.

Firmness – Firmness is a critical consideration for both sleepings and for having sex on the bed. An extremely firm mattress has virtually no give and can be uncomfortable to move on top of. This can make sexual positions uncomfortable or even, ugh, painful.

No thanks. That can kill the mood pretty fast. On the other hand, an extremely cozy, soft mattress is easy to sink into so much that you can feel stuck, and if the amazing plushness limits motion, this can have a negative effect on the kind of sex you are having or want to have with a partner. With clear drawbacks to both very firm and very plush mattresses, the best mattresses for sex are usually medium-firm.

Noise – This might just be the most awkward situation to find yourself in when you’re having sex and don’t own the one of quietest bed frames on the planet. You just want to get lost in the moment but can hear the squeak of the mattress springs or wooden panels from your bed frame.

It’s one of two things: totally distracting or utterly hilarious. Either way, it won’t be as humorous the second or the third time you hear it while you’re doing the deed. Especially not when you want to have that sappy, romantic sex. A noisy mattress or frame can be distracting during sex and can also be the death knell for any sense of discretion.

Cheap, poorly-constructed materials are far more likely to be squeaky or noisy during sex, which is why it is important to have a sturdy bed and sturdy bed frame for active couples wanting some time for romance. Generally, sex on a memory foam mattress is silent, especially compared to sex on a mattress with springs. Pairing sex on a memory foam mattress with your choice of the quietest bed frame you can find, you’ll be much less distracted/embarrassed by incessant squeaking!

Durability – You want the mattress to be durable enough for two (or more!) people to be able to switch positions and move around comfortably. However, keep in mind that an active sex life does tend to put more stress on the mattress, especially on its comfort layer. A mattress that is constructed with poor-quality materials is less likely to be able to hold up to this additional strain and will not be the best mattress for sex. If the mattress starts to give out, it can stop being supportive or comfortable enough for sex or sleep.

Edge Support – Sexual activity can involve numerous types of “movements” over the entire surface of the mattress. Consequently, having consistent support for all of these movements can be important to maintaining a robust sex life. The best mattresses for sex maintain a high level of support even around the edge of the bed, which is the weakest point for most mattresses.

Easy to Clean – Sex on the bed can get messy. So, obviously, you need to find a bed that can be cleaned with relative ease. Some people sleep with mattress protectors, but if you don’t, make sure that fluids, staining or soiling of the mattress can be effectively dealt with either through replacement or flipping of the top comfort layer or through manual cleaning.

Stability – Look for a mattress that is thick and/or dense enough to provide the adequate cushion through the full range of sexual motion – especially motion from a position, such as sitting, that uses a relatively small surface area of the mattress and is prone to sinkage.

Price – Always invest in a mattress that is constructed from high-quality materials. Never go bargain shopping for a mattress which tends to last 5-8 years at most not to mention your sleep quality and sex life will suffer along the way.

Overall Customer Satisfaction – To sum up the overall satisfaction of your sex-ready mattress when looking for it, always note that the entire top surface of the mattress should be sex friendly. In other words, the entire surface is and remains flat, level, supportive, comfortable and easy to move on. A partition or gap in the middle of the mattress, mattress sagging, hard sides, or lack of edge support can limit the area that is suitable for sex.

Ease Of Movement – Less face it, few people have graceful sex. We don’t always care about coordination and elegantly placing feet there and hands here. Usually, it’s a “heat of the moment” situation and mattresses that are easy to move around on can make sex a lot less awkward. Example: waterbeds might be the worst offenders for “ease of movement”.

With a mattress that delivers ease of movement and low motion transfer, sex can be performed with minimal effort and bungling of the limbs. Ease of movement tends to be prevented by dense mattresses that highly pressure sensitive and conforming or that don’t always have or maintain a flat, level surface.

Size – Well. It turns out size DOES matter. If you want to experiment with different positions or engage in some fun sexual horseplay, you want to make sure you go with a mattress that is a king or California king size. Also, if you or your partner are taller than average, the last thing you want is your legs hanging off the bed. This also means that you may want to look into the best bed frame for sexually active couples, too, because you’ll want something sturdy. With a large bed and the best bed frame for sex (one that isn’t squeaky and will remain solid), you’ll have that extra room to shift your body into different positions easily and quickly without worrying about falling off the edge. Ouch!

Mattress Type Is Best for Sexually Active

Which Mattress Type Is Best for Sexually Active People?

The best bed for sex is really a preference. However, there are majority rules in this case. And not all mattresses are created equal.

Innersprings – Innerspring mattresses use innerspring coils to provide support. Nearly all innerspring mattresses have at least some bounce. This can help partners get into a rhythm which can increase enjoyment.  Innerspring beds are often easy to move and change positions on unless they have a thick, dense pillow top/foam comfort layer or have significantly sagged.

Innerspring beds are often suited for a variety of positions given that they tend to have at least average edge support and that the entire surface is often used. However, make sure to buy innersprings mattresses that are high quality otherwise they can lack discretion (noisy!), durability (distress over time) and comfort. Shop around!

Foam Mattresses – When considering what it’s like to have sex on a memory foam mattress, it is important to note that low- and medium-density memory foam mattresses tend to be viewed as more suitable for sex than high-density memory foam mattresses, such as certain Tempur-Pedic models. Sex on a memory foam mattress may not be for everyone, however. Some memory foam bed owners love their bed for sex but hate it for sleep, and vice versa. The top advantages of a foam mattress are durability, comfort and ease of movement. The disadvantages are lack of edge support, limited bounce, and thin enough it may bottom if you’re working up a really good sweat.

Latex Mattresses – Because latex mattresses tend to have above average solidity and weight, they are usually stable and silent, making them some of the best beds for sex, not dissimilar to sex on a memory foam mattress. This may allow sex to take place with no one in the next room being aware. Like sex on a memory foam mattress, latex mattresses often provide enough cushion and pressure relief to keep knees, butt, elbows, and hands comfortable.

This allows a person to stay in certain positions longer without fatigue or discomfort. Unlike sex on a memory foam mattress, however, latex tends to not be difficult to move on. The development of deep body impressions, however, can undermine ease of movement. In the case of fluid penetration, staining or soiling, the top comfort layer can sometimes be removed, another reason these can be some of the best beds for sex. This allows for it to be thoroughly cleaned, replaced or flipped.

Hybrid Mattresses – Hybrid mattresses plus a sturdy bed frame for active couples, may be the perfect duo for making the most out of your steamy nights. Most often, hybrid mattresses consist of memory foam over innerspring coils and they tend to be some of the best beds for sex because of their combination of bounce, support, and comfort. There are a number of advantages for a hybrid mattress.

They are comfortable because the mattresses often have enough cushion and pressure relief from their memory foam content to ensure that knees, butt, elbows, hands, etc. are comfortable. Hybrid mattresses may be considered the best bed for sex because they tend to allow for good position variety given that they are supportive from edge to edge, usually not overly difficult to move on, and keep pressure points minimized.

Because hybrids are often heavy, they tend to be stable and silent. This may allow sex to take place with no one in the next room being aware of it. However, you’re going to have minimal bounce and the conforming properties of memory foam make movement a little more difficult. Keep that in mind.

Airbeds – Airbeds use air chambers to provide support, and aren’t necessarily the best mattress for sex.This type of bed is, at best, unfavorable for any type of sexual activity. If you’re looking for the best bed for sex, definitely search elsewhere. It’s not a great look unless it’s a really great airbed – like the best dang airbed on the market.

Mattress Does Matter

Your Mattress Does Matter

If you like having sex on the bed, the most important factor to consider when choosing what you find to be one of the best beds for sex, is whether the bed has an innerspring that provides bounce back as well as a sturdy bed frame for active couples who need that solid support. While memory foam and air mattresses may do wonders for comfortable sleep, even the best of them provide far less bounce than an innerspring coil when it comes to sex on the bed.

The best beds for sex have to have that bounce and the best bed frame for sexually active couples will have a solid foundation to support the bounce.

Hybrid mattresses contain innerspring coils as well as layers of foam or latex, which is what you want to be on the lookout for in order to get the best of both worlds. However, hybrid mattresses tend to have much less bounce back than a traditional mattress, so make sure to get a sense of just how much bounce you and your partner prefer.

Always give the bed you want to purchase the edge test which will give you a sense of how firm the mattress is right up to the edge and if it’s potentially what you’re looking for in terms of the best beds for sex. This is especially important for those of you who tend to enjoy or prefer sexual positions with one partner standing off the bed.

So, consistency of firmness and edge support is a crucial factor. Also, consider a sturdy bed frame for active couples. If you know you’re going to be very active while intimate, you’ll want a solid foundation (and maybe even look under the category of ‘quietest bed frames’).

The last important note is to give some thought to the best bed frame for sexually active couples. The height of the mattress in relation to your floor and your bed frame, especially if you employ a lot of standing positions, may be important to consider.

Make sure to account for any box spring or frame you use. The best bed frame for sexually active couples is strong and sturdy, which also hopefully makes it ones of the quietest bed frames. For the standing positions the mattress height should end up no higher than mid-thigh on the standing partner, and no lower than the knee.

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